Create a MultiBoot USB using ventoy


With ventoy, you don’t need to format the disk over and over, you just need to copy the ISO files to the USB drive and boot them directly.

Whats ventoy?

Ventoy is a free and open-source utility used for writing image files such as .iso, .wim, .img, .vhd(x), and .efi files onto storage media to create bootable USB flash drives. Once Ventoy is installed onto a USB drive, there is no need to reformat the disk to update it with new installation files; it is enough to copy the .iso to the USB drive and boot from them directly. Ventoy will present the user with a boot menu to select one of these files.


  1. a computer
  2. a internet connection (pretty hard without one)
  3. a usb (min 8gb)


Ventoy is available on both linux and windows.

The first thing you will have to do is head to . On the download page select your operating system and click on download.

On linux

After you have extracted the file open the folder and click on the VentoyGUI .

Depending on your processor type select the file ending in either aarch64 i386 mips64el or x86_64. (It will most probably be x86_64).

After that you should see something like this: /../assets/ventoy.webp

Select your device from the devices tab

Then click on install.

On windows

Download the file and unzip it

Then click on the file called Ventoy2Disk.exe

You should see something like this


Select your usb device from the drop down and click on install.

Using ventoy

To use ventoy all you have to do is paste your iso files inside of the usb. No formatting etc.

GG you have now installed ventoy

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